What to look for in a tour security partner

What to look for in a tour security partner

A thorough security service for musicians on tour is becoming increasingly important, but what should you look for in a tour security partner?

Musicians have a very demanding job and when going on tour, the last thing they need to be worrying about is their safety and security. Their top priority is entertaining the fans and putting on the performance of a life time, so they need a tour security partner to take care of the rest. Below are the main qualities musicians should look for in a tour security partner.

Crowd management expertise

The first thing a musician needs to identify is whether or not their tour security partner has the expertise required to manage large crowds. This will be one of the most important roles of the tour security partner during the tour, not only at the event itself but whilst travelling to and from specific locations. Director of Headline Security, Steven Head, obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Crowd Safety Management to ensure that Headline could continue to offer a truly valuable and effective crowd safety management solution to touring musicians.

A flexible offering

No two music tours are the same; therefore a tour security partner needs to have a flexible and versatile offering in order to meet every need of the musician and their team. They must ensure the safety and security of the artists, their crews and the equipment both at the event itself and whilst travelling, so adaptability to any situation is a must. Headline Security know this all too well and have been evolving their offering to musicians for over 16 years since the company first started in 1999.

International tour experience

Of course, experience in providing security for international tours is a must as the complexity of providing tour security demands knowledge which can only be attained through the delivery of the service itself. A security partner needs to be prepared for any eventuality at airports, venues, hotels, restaurants and during transportation. Headline Security has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Dizzee Rascal, Pink and Arctic Monkeys, so our experience of international tours is second to none.

Musicians face many threats when going on tour and if nothing else, a strong security team acts as a deterrent to potential agitators. Having an effective security team around is absolutely vital during any tour, so make sure you pick the right security partner. If you are interested in hearing more about the tour security experience Headline Security has, please feel free to contact us today.