Our commitment to environmentally friendly practices ensures our security services provide a sustainable solution for our clients.

Our environmental policy is in place to make sure all of our activities are carried out in a safe, ethical and sustainable way. We feel that it is the responsibility of every organisation to do their upmost to protect the environment; therefore at Headline Security we always stress the importance of an environmentally friendly service to both our clients and our staff members.

Creating awareness

Our aim is to continuously reduce the impact we have on the environment and maintain the highest levels of environmental responsibility by first and foremost ensuring all staff and partners are fully trained and aware of our environmental policies. By spreading the message of our environmentally friendly practices, we are equipping our staff with the tools they need to protect the environment in their day to day life.

Responsibly sourced materials and energy

Our fundamental belief in the importance of protecting the environment is backed by our promise to eliminate and control environmental hazards, using renewable or recycled materials and energy wherever possible to ensure our impact on the environment is sufficiently reduced.

Reducing wastage

Further to using responsibly sourced materials and energy, we also aim to minimise the amount of waste produced by the company by being as economic in the used of all materials and energy as possible. We will also ensure we dispose of all wastage in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Developing our policy

As we progress as a company, so do our policies and our environmental policy is continuously growing to increase our protection of the environment. By keeping ourselves up to date with the latest environmental legislation and best practices we are able to review the objectives and targets of our environmental quality management system on an ongoing basis.