We are proud to have formed such long standing, successful relationships with our clients and always go the extra mile to ensure their absolute satisfaction.

When you’ve been providing security services as long as we have, you get to enjoy working with a wide variety of clients; from high profile musicians to some of the most well recognised venues and events in the industry. Not only has this assortment of clients helped us to build up a strong reputation, it has also taught us to approach each individual situation differently, concentrating on the clients key objectives at all times.

We have provided personal security to household names all over the world; including Noel GallagherOasis, Pink, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and Stone Roses. Working with such well known artists as these, our service needs to be spot on, so we take every measure possible to ensure their personal safety and security is never jeopardised.

By providing such a successful service to our clients, we have managed to secure many long term partnerships. We have been providing security for the Old Vic Theatre for over 15 years and have been working with Southbank County Hall for over 20 years.

Relationships built on trust

Our clients trust us to take the stress out of security, crowd management and personal safety whilst providing a service which lives up to the high standards expected of us. We know that our client’s need people they can rely on if there should be an emergency, but they also need us to be well organised, highly disciplined and easy to communicate with at all times. It’s these qualities which have secured our relationships with so many of our clients and the partnerships continue to grow and flourish as we continue to prove our worth each and every time.

If you want to find out more information on the great work we have done with our clients or are interested in starting your partnership with us, feel free to contact us at any time.