Metallica Concert

Headline worked with Metallica to provide a fully comprehensive security service at the House of Vans venue in London.

As such a trusted name in the security industry, Headline has had the privilege of working with the likes of Metallica, ensuring the smooth running of their sometimes hectic concerts. In this instance, our services were required to provide a pre-show assessment for Metallica’s upcoming gig at the House of Vans venue in Waterloo, London as well as the security services during the build of the set, the concert itself and the de-rigging process.

House of Vans is a venue with a very unique layout; therefore it poses security threats and difficulties which need an innovative approach in order to achieve the highest standards of security. Headline has been supplying security for House of Vans shows for over two years now, so we were well prepared to tackle any obstacles in our way. After an initial meeting with Metallica’s manager, it was decided that a very specific service would be required.

What Headline Security Supplied

With Metallica being such a high profile and popular band, the threats associated with that popularity are even higher than usual. The venue has a capacity of 850 people, so security needed to be tight as the popularity of the band was sure to attract an even larger crowd outside the venue. After meeting with the tour manager, it was decided that Headline would supply the following services:

  • A security team on hand a week before the show during the build of the rig
  • A pre-show assessment of the venue, including the use of bomb dogs to ensure there were no explosives on the premises and a thorough evaluation of high risk areas within the venue e.g. fire exits
  • A total of 55 security personnel were supplied on the day/night of the concert, positioned throughout the venue. Security personnel were on hand to patrol the car park, venue perimeter, dressing rooms, front of house and back of house exits as well as any blind spots within the venue
  • Queue security system, including extra queuing security, searching policy and sniffer dogs to detect drugs or explosives
  • Procedures for an emergency show stop as well as any medical response required during the show
  • Safe arrival and departure of Metallica
  • A security team on hand during the de-rigging after the concert

Our security team were available during the day and night, ensuring everything ran smoothly from start to finish. Our flexible approach to security enabled us to provide the exact requirements specified by Metallica’s management team and the concert was a very enjoyable event for everyone in attendance.